The Weight of These Feathers

by Morrow

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Wade T Morrow are receiving a lot of attention and I wouldn't say it's undeserved. Weston is a constant ideologue of Metal as the number one template for real musical creation on social media, despite hating the medium and it's users; during many rants and tirades he's been convincing me that, yes, it's true. Listening to "Feathers" now, it's easy to see a lot of ideas doing more than coalescing, meshing. Weston is a great propagandist of his own thought, and his own work surpasses his polemics. Favorite track: Hiraeth.
PYSCHOPHAGUS Allure: somber but light airy string arrangement fades into bashing introduction to this album. Bass is standing out much stronger than previous releases. I like that. Vocals are warm and full as ever. Guitar tones sounding right on. Tremolo picking hits into higher gears and vocals are brutalizing as the band drops out into a seamless avant-groove. This is awesome. Double bass groove comes in with some sick bell work on the drums. Guitars take over with some trembling bass tremelo going on! Fades into an even groovier session with ambience coming forward. I’m near a stream or a lake as the guitar lead kicks in like the first rays of sunlight breaking through the forest. Nice riff progression. Hits into an almost math rock/prog feel at this point. Vocals rip back in strong. Guitar solo as always with these guys has tons of feeling and memorable licks. Switches tone halfway through, love that. Sweltering lead. Cuts out into straight electro ambience. The wind is blowing in my face. The sun is warm despite the temperature. This is beautiful. Tremelo dream works on guitar. Shimmery synth. Ding.

Gotta work tomorrow. Will write more later!! Great job. Terrific.
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Familiar faces splay a woven blanket Frayed, torn in the years between Seemingly endless We spend long nights reaching for the bottom Monotony meandering upwards and out Distorted in reverberation Romanticized in ricochet Observe your passions Expand them lengthwise These patterns in the ivy Woven to scatter Watch them scatter
Light from the cold sweat of the hospital giggles through the small spaces between the shutters and shadows of the drunk who sings soar against the olive green wall their sharp, punctual gestures tumble silently, lazy waves lap quiet kisses into the corner of the room
Ripe grapes dying on the vine Severed from limbs Feather and wind converse in silence Quiver, as if the same story shared Far beyond myself To a place that I find Far beyond myself To a place where I am free Fallen or enlightened Moaning prose Behold home once held True vagrance composed
I remember that beach The one where my father used to take me Where my mother would string up the stars at night and I could hush them back into slumber When rain was beautiful, and the gardens were alive The beach was gleaming The rolling dunes stretching beyond the eye could catch I came home with sand in my shoes, and in my hair I kept the sand in a box and with it, its familiarity With the sleeping stars, the scent of old cigarettes, fallen rain and All the time that’s passed us by
Ashes fall from blistered lips The air that rests between my bones is desolate and cold Rolling in seas of amber Searching for the light that lied within you Treacherous actions Unmasked soul clawing away At the burning coals Grasping for Drowning in this ocean of ash And all between
I awake and taste the autumn air I stand at the gate of the heart and my soul shackled to the sea The scent of hawthorn has faded These waves have learned my name And call for another shore I write my name in the steam Though I know that will be gone too Caught in the eye of wonder Forced into light Extinguished, torn at the seams I stretch out the ceiling It watches me and waits Weighed down by stone doves Lost in the light of love Searching for something pure Something true


Written over the course of 4 years, Morrow's debut LP 'The Weight of These Feathers' is a musical amalgam of the band's countless influences, including black metal, minimalist composers, ambient music and folk. Morrow's mission is always to draw from as many sources of music as possible to make a unique listening experience, an experience that transcends any singular label.


"The Seattle band Morrow devoted four years of work to their debut album, The Weight of These Feathers, and it sounds like they devoted every waking hour of those four years to this remarkably impressive creation. It’s nothing if not ambitious, revealing a rich array of sounds, movements, and moods."
-No Clean Singing

"Morrow wowed us with their take on post-rock, atmospheric black metal and progressive metal on their new album The Weight of These Feathers. It’s an expansive and ambitious release, blending strings, furious guitars, impressive drumming, varied vocals and amazing bass work. All in all, the album is one hell of a ride."
-Heavy Blog is Heavy

"Morrow's interest in dynamic and authentic music pays off, as the album is vibrant and organic, and it feels human, warm, and alive. All in all, The Weight of These Feathers is a fantastic emotional journey, human above all."
-Can This Even Be Called Music?


released July 21, 2018

Vocals and lyrics by Ben Afallouss
Guitar played by Drew Harper and Trevor Eulau
Drums played by Wes Hornig
Bass, production, and engineering by Jon Lervold at Big Name Studio

Solo cello played by Justin Li
Cover art by Kenya Altuna
Guest Vocals on Elysium I by Summer Green
Spoken word by Thomas Babonneau

String Quintet on Allure:
Violin 1 - Katherine Eddins
Violin 2 - Lily Naill
Viola - Joseph Skerik
Cello 1 - Samuel Sykes
Cello 2 - Daniela Gonzalez Sui


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Morrow Seattle, Washington

Born in Seattle in 2015 from a collective interest in authentic, dynamic, and emotionally grounded music, Morrow brings a multitude of influences to their own unique take on black metal, including ambient, art rock, and minimalism. Their debut album, “The Weight of These Feathers”, has been in the works for close to four years. ... more

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